Buying a Boat?

Before you buy a boat, you should know where it has been located or stored prior to purchasing it. Boats that have been in certain regions of the country or certain water bodies have the potential to have invasive species attached to the boat, oftentimes in difficult to access locations . Invasive species can "hide" in many nooks and crannies, including the motor trim tabs (see below photo - Photo credit: W. Baldwin), water intakes, bait and live wells, anchor and mooring lines, and all elements of the motor or propulsion unit. 


Where they hide


Before buying a boat, have the boat inspected to ensure there are no invasive species on board that could hitch a ride to the boat's new location. And if you are purchasing a boat from another state, ALWAYS contact the destination state and ask about the laws and regulations pertaining to transporting your boat across state lines. Each state has different regulations, and state and provincial Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinators can assist you with navigating the laws and regulations of each state and province your boat moves through en route to its final destination.