Continuing Education

Welcome to the Aquatic Nuisance Species Online RE-Training Program.

Certificates are valid for one year.  Beginning in 2015, the western AIS website will host an online re-training course to make it easy for inspectors and decontaminators to maintain their certificate.  Failure to complete the annual training prior to beginning inspections in consecutive calendar years will result in your certificate lapsing and being required to complete classroom training again per the requirements above.


Minimum requirements for inspection and decontamination re-training include 2 hours of training comprised of the following:

  • 2 hours of in-class or online training covering four modules:

1)     Program and/or Regional AIS Updates

2)     Biology

3)     Inspection

4)     Decontamination

  • Receive an 80% or better score on each training module’s exam.


Optional: Trainers are responsible for approving re-training by administering a practical exam in which the individual being re-trained is able to demonstrate accurate knowledge of current inspection and decontamination procedures. Trainers or supervisors should observe an inspection and use the quality assurance form as a documentation tool to administer a practical inspection and decontamination exam for all individuals seeking re-training.  Trainers must enter this information into the website in order to approve the re-training. 

The Inspector and Decontaminator certificate is for 1st and 2nd year agents. The Experienced Inspector and Decontaminator
Re-Training is for individuals that have been previously trained for more than two consecutive years.