Ecological Effects of Invasive Species


Invasive species affect ecosystem structure and function, resulting in a loss of biodiveristy or unique habitats.


Invasive species can:

  • Outcompete and displace native species
  • Cause dramatic shifts in trophic dynamics, food web structure, and species abundance
  • Cause local extinction of species
  • Cause large-scale mortality of trees and shrubs
  • Reduce the value of timber and agricultural crops and their associated products
  • Alterate ecosystem processes
  • Modify the provision of ecosystem services
  • Alterate gene pools through hybridization wth native species
  • Alter carbon and nitrogen cycling, water use, and soil properties
  • Reduce potential of recreationally hunted and fished species
  • Diminish habitat aesthetics
  • Alter water chemistry
  • Host pathogens and parasites harmful to fish and other aquatic species