Species of Concern - Invertebrates



Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis)
Chinese Mitten Crab Fact Sheet (.pdf) (Word)

Chinese Mitten Crab Identification Card

Mitten crab

Crayfish Found in Oregon (2011)
State of Crayfish in the Pacific Northwest

Red swamp crayfish

Green Crab (Carcinus Maenas)

Look Out for Invasive European Green Crab (Alaska)
Green Crab Watch Card


Green Crab Technical Meeting 3/11-12/2008

Green Crab Technical Meeting 12/13/2005

Green crab


New Zealand Mudsnail (Potamopyrgus antipodarum)
How to Prevent the Spread of New Zealand Mudsnails through Field Gear - Oregon Sea Grant, 2010

New Zealand Mudsnails

Zebra/Quagga Mussels (Dreissenid spp.)

ZQ mussel distribution - as of November 2016


Photo Galleries:

Quagga Mussels on the Lower Colorado River Photo Gallery - BOR
Quagga and Zebra Mussel Public Domain Images - USFWS, NPS
Catalog of Interviews and Images from the Making of “Don’t Move a Mussel 2011


PSMFC “Don’t Move A Mussel 2011″

PSMFC “Inspection & Decontamination 2011″

HD “Don’t  Move a Mussel 2011”  Video Files

Weatherby Lake Stream Team’s (MO) 13-minute version of “Don’t Move A Mussel 2011“

Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Free Public Service Videos
CalFish and Game Quagga Mussel PSA (May 2012)
How the Quagga Mussel Endangers California’s Water Supply (2012)
Preventing an Invasive Mussel Nightmare (May 2011) — USFWS - Highlighting Watercraft Inspection Training Program
The Threat of Invasive Mussels (April 2011) – Utah Division of Wildife Resources


Public Service Announcements:

Lewis & Clark Public Service Announcement #1 (sound, mp3)
Lewis & Clark Public Service Announcement #2 (sound, mp3)


Brochures and Publications:
Zap the Zebra Mussel: Zebra Mussel Brochure
Zebra Mussel Watch

























Quagga musselsZebra mussel

Left photo: Zebra mussels. Photo credit: USFW.
Right photo: Quagga mussels. Photo credit: National Park Service

Ordering information:
To order Zap the Zebra Mussel Brochures and/or free Zebra Mussel, Green Crab, Mitten Crab and New Zealand Mudsnail cards, please contact Susan Anderson at Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission: (503) 595-3100 | susan_anderson@psmfc.org


Mussel monitoring information: http://psmfc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/MapSeries/index.html?appid=d317e395e88c48de8302a5753cf8789c