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Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Training 


Fall 2017 / Spring 2018



The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and its 100th Meridian Initiative partners are sponsoring Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Trainings (WIT II) for the following dates:


  • 9/26 – 9/27, 2017         Lake Mead   WIT II
  • 2/6 – 2/7, 2018             Lake Mead   WIT II (Class is full )
  • 3/6 – 3/7, 2018             Lake Mead   WIT II
  • 4/10 – 4/11, 2018         Lake Mead   WIT II

Openings are limited!!!  Availability will close when a class becomes full.


These trainings do cost money and it is important that we fill all available openings. Please try to make sure that when you sign up for the class that you are able to attend so that we don’t end up paying for empty seats that could be used by others.


For registration approval of agencies requesting multiple staff to attend, a deposit may be required and non-refundable upon cancellation. Please check with trainer before registering.


Trainer: “Quagga D” Davis

“Quagga D” has been on contract as a WIT trainer for Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission since 2008.


This two-day intensive, hands-on Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination training for QZM and Other AIS requires homework prior to attending the class.


The Western curriculum is designed for those individuals currently or soon becoming active in a Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination program for their respective agencies, organizations or businesses. 


Inspection and Decontamination trainings are delivered over two days (12–14 hours) The training focuses on actual field inspections of various types of vessels, which may or may not be contaminated with Quagga mussels and will entail decontamination procedures according to the Uniform Minimum Protocols and Standards for Watercraft Interception Programs for Dreissenid Mussels in the Western United States (UMPS III). 


To be trained in decontamination, students must participate in all sessions (approximately 5 hours including demonstrate practical skills and knowledge).  


The training will include:

1)         Review of Western Curriculum with slideshows:

2)         Additional Inspection practice

3)         Triggers for Decontamination

4)         Types of Decontamination and Step-By-Step Decontamination Procedures

5)         Working knowledge of boat anatomy, form and function


Go to for more information.


TO REGISTER: If you are interested in attending or sending someone to this class, please  register online at or contact “QuaggaD” Davis at: or (702) 236-3814.


COST: Training is provided “free of charge” to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.  Attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses. The class size is restricted to 10–12 people.


CANCELLATION: Cancellation of registration must be submitted, in writing, no less than two weeks prior to the course start date whenever possible. Failure by an individual to properly cancel a registration may affect his or her ability to participate in a future class.  PSMFC reserves the right to cancel classes based on enrollment. The trainer will work with students if it appears that registrations for a particular class are lagging.


CERTIFICATION: The course is certified by 100th Meridian member agencies, and successful graduates will receive a Certificate of CompletionAll students must receive a passing score of 80% or better on the final written exam to pass the class.