Preparing for Class


Preparing for the class at least two weeks ahead of time will ensure that your training goes smoothly. There are many logistics and materials that need to be organized in order to have a successful training.

Date – Pick a date for the training and enter into the western AIS website.

Location – Secure a location for training.  Keep in mind you may need to book several weeks ahead to ensure you find a location.  Things to keep in mind:

  • Location should be in close proximity to attendees.
    • You may have to arrange travel and reserve overnight accommodations for guests.
    • Location should have a large parking lot or other area that boats can be stored during the day and securely overnight for two day trainings.  When reserving the space, be sure to consult with facility manager about boat placement and the safest area to have hands-on outdoor sessions.
      • It is recommended to have at least 1 boat per 6 students.  If possible, try to get different types of boats for students to learn (e.g. ranger boat, fishing boat, sailboat, ski boat, etc)
      • Location should have an area for decontamination.  Again, when reserving the space, explain what decontamination is and that you will be “power washing” boats in the parking lot.  Work with the facility manager to find a safe location for the hands-on outdoor sessions.
        • It is recommended to have at least 1 decontamination unit per 6 students.
        • Room should be set up “classroom style” with tables and chairs.
        • Consult with the site to verify if they have a screen or projector available for use.  Keep in mind that most sites will charge you for the use of these devices.  It’s best to bring them with you.

Note: If an agency or partner entity is hosting the training, provide them the Training Checklist for Host Sites.  Review this document with the host agency, and document roles and responsibilities, to ensure everything is ready the day of the class.

Arrange for boats and decontamination units to be present on the date, time and location of the training.

Advertise the training and direct interested individuals to to register.  They will also complete the pre-training survey, liability form and get all their course materials on this website.


Documents needed for training (.pdf):

  1. Trainer’s Manual
  2. Trainer’s Manual Appendices
  4. New Student Manual
  5. Boat Compendium for ANS Inspectors
  6. Lake Tahoe Boat Book (for decontaminators)




WIT PowerPoint for Level One Training (Powerpoint) (.pdf)


Promotional Material Examples:

Flyer for Arizona Watercraft Inspection Training

Flyer for Idaho Watercraft Inspection Training
Flyer for Missouri Watercraft Inspection Training