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On Ballast Water, Time is Running Out (December 2013)

Commercial Vessel Discharges Reform Act of 2013 (H.S. 3464) (November 2013)

U.S. Ballast Water Rules Will Cost Canadians $1.1 Billion (October 2013)

Ballast Water Treatment System Test Organizations Launch GloBal TestNet group (October 2013)

Researchers Calculate the Global Highways of Invasive Marine Species (October 2013)

California Delays Ballast Water Regulation Implementation (October 2013)

USCG - Extension of BWM Implementation Schedule (September 2013)

The Economic Impacts of US Ballast-water Regulations (September 2013)

New Timetable May Ease Installation Bottleneck (September 2013)

Shipowners Association, Great Ships Initiative, Partner on Ballast Water Testing (July 2013)

National Wildlife Federation Sues EPA to Strengthen Protections Against Ballast Water Invaders (July 2013)

California May Delay Treatment Rules for Invasive Species (June 2013)

INTERTANKO Applauds IMO Progress on Ballast Water Management Convention (May 2013)

Scientists Map Global Routes of Ship-borne Invasive Species (May 2013)

Canadian Shipowners Protest U.S. Ballast Water Rules (April 2013)

Coast Guard Accepts Ballast Water Treatment Systems as Alternate Management Systems (April 2013)

Using Sound to Protect Aquatic Life (April 2013)

USCG: Ballast Water Management: Frequently Asked Questions, Volume (April 5, 2013)

ClassNK Approves Revolutionary Minimal Ballast Water VLCC Design (March 2013)

Advanced Simulation Helps to Solve Ballast Water Management Problems (February 2013)

Novel Materials Shake Ship Scum (February 2013)

BWTS in a Box Fits in Cargo Hold (January 2013)



Frequently Asked Questions and Answers, Volume II (Alternate Management Systems (AMS) and Type Approval of BWMS) (December 2012)

Toxic By-products of Ballast Water Treatment Evaluated (December 2012)

BWT Stakeholders Meet in Korea (December 2012)

WSU Prof Invents System To Detect Invasive Species In Ship Ballast Water (December 2012)

Congress Dumps Ballast Water Provision (December 2012)

Consistent Requirements and Clear Certification Top Agenda (December 2012)

BWMS Looms Large (November 2012)

USCG: Guidance on Verification of Fouling Maintenance and Sediment Removal Procedures (November  2012)

Maritime Policies Create Huge Opportunities For The Asia Pacific BWM Market (October 2012)

Great Lakes Ballast Standards Subject of Enviro Debate (October 2012)

ICS Comments on Ballast Water Convention (October 2012)

S. 3570: Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (September 2012)

Jack-up Rig Might Have Brought Invasive Organism to AK Inlet (September 2012)

Speech by Koji Sekimizu Secretary-General, IMO (September 2012)

Tired of Talking Green: Sizing Up Ballast Water Treatment System Offerings (August 2012)

Dalhousie University Research Project Takes Aim at Invasive Species (August 2012)

Park Ship Outfitted With Exotics Treatment System (July 2012)

FAQ USCG Standards for Living Organisms in Ships’ Ballast Water Discharged in U.S. Waters (August 2012)

Paints With Nanoparticles Fight Marine Fouling (July 2012)

Eco-friendly Paints Could Prevent Ship Hull Biofouling (June 2012)

New Ballast Water Treatment System at Dalhousie U (June 2012)

S. 3332 – Bill (introduced) to Establish Nationally Uniform and Environmentally Sound Discharge Standards (June 2012)

Barge Battles Pesky Invaders (June 2012)

ABS Surveyor (Summer 2012) [contains several ballast water articles]

Sterilizing That Blasted Ballast (May 2012)

New Rules Seek to Prevent Invasive Stowaways (April 2012)

Salties Bring No New Invaders to Great Lakes, Thanks to ‘Swish and Spit’ Process (April 2012)

NM Navajo Lake May be Invaded by Mussels (April 2012)

Fate Sealed for Northern Pike (Montana) (March 2012)

Tribe Puts Lake Roosevelt Walleye on Table – for Dinner, Debate (March 2012)

New York Amends Ballast Water Rules (February 2012)

Invasive Species Hitch A Ride . . . And Harm Our Waters (February 2012)

Protecting the Bay from Invasive Species (February 2012)

Subsea Solutions Alliance Begins Environmentally Friendly Hull Cleaning (January 2012)

NZ scientists Link Noise and Marine Pests (January 2012)



Federal Register Notice Released on the Draft 2013 VGP (December 2011)

EPA Eyes Invasive Species Initiative (December 2011)

Canada Ramps up Pressure on NY over BWT (November 2011)

House OKs Bill Setting National Ballast Standard (November 2011)

SERC Study: Ballast Water Measures Are Falling Short (November 2011)

Federal Standards for Ships’ Ballast Water in U.S. Waters @OMB (November 2011)

New Ballast Water Regulations for NY to Cost Canada Billions, and Threatens Thousands of Jobs (October 2011)

Ballast Bill Undermines Progress, Conservationists Say (October 2011)

UM “Barging” Into Fight vs Invasive Species (September 2011)

The Epicenter of Ballast Water Treatment Technologies (for a Day) (September 2011)

Zebra Mussels Texoma (Texas) Lead to Seasonal Pumping Debate (September 2011)

Circuit Rejects Lake Carriers’ Petition for Review (July 2011)

Vessels Required to Meet State as Well as Federal Permit Conditions for Incidental Wastewater Discharges (September 2011)

Walker Among Governors Asking N.Y. to Ease New Ballast Rules (September 2011)

Indiana, Ohio and Wisconsin Governors’ Letter on NY Ballast Water Regulation (September 2011)

Researchers Testing New System to Kill Invasive Species in Ballast Water (August 2011)

Top EPA Official Embraces NY’s Controversial Ballast Water Rules (August 2011)

US Court Rejects Challenge to the EPA Ballast Permit (July 2011)

The Battle over Ballast Water (July 2011)

Ballast Water Discharge Regulations: Still Swimming Upstream (July 2011)

The Practical Realities of Ballast Water Treatment Systems (May 2011)

Foreign Species Invade San Francisco Bay (May 2011)

First Chinese Orders Received for Unitor Ballast Water Treatment Systems (March 2011)

EPA to Add Numeric Limits to Ballast Water Discharge Rules Under Settlement with Environmental Groups (March 2011)

Ship Container ‘Stepping Stone’ Risk for Alien Invaders (March 2011)

EPA NPDES Vessel Program Quarterly (March 2011)

The UK P&I Club’s Legal Briefing On The Ballast Water Management Convention (March 2011)

Ballast Water Settlement Document EPA/Conservation Organizations (March 2011)

No Seaway Shutdown (February 2011)

Great Lakes Seaway Ballast Water Working Group releases ballast water management report (February 2011)



Wisconsin Will Change Ballast Rules to Match International Standards (December 2010)

ESA Satellite Data Reduces Invasion Of Alien Species (December 2010)

VIDEO: Cal Maritime Academy’s Training Ship Testing Ballast Water Treatment (December 2010)

Cal Maritime Academy’s Training Ship Testing Ballast Water Treatment (December 2010)

Performance Standards for the Discharge of Ballast Water for Vessels Operating in California Waters (November 2010)

U.S. DOT Announces $4M Investment to Combat Invasive Species in Great Lakes (November 2010)

Federal Rules Urged for Ballast Water (November 2010)

What Lurks Beneath: Bay Area’s Battle with Invasive Species in Ballast Water (November 2010)

NY  Ballast Law Fought by Canada (October 2010)

Ships Dump New Alien Species Into the Mediterranean Every Nine Days (June 2010)

New York Ballast Regulation a Victory Over Great Lakes Invasive Species (June 2010)

Lloyd’s Register Guide to Ballast Water Treatment Technology (2010)

Report Prepared by the Oregon Task Force on the Shipping Transport of AIS for the 2011 Oregon Legislature (June 2010)

Committee on Assessing Numeric Limits for Living Organisms in Ballast Water (May 2010)

Globallast Forum (April 2010)

Environmental ‘Blockade’ Threatens Seaway (April 2010)

Update on Implementation of the Ballast Water Management Convention (IMO) (March 2010)

Ballast Water Treatment Market Remains Buoyant (March 2010)

EPA Requests Public Comments on Vessel Water Discharges Report (March 2010)

Proposed Regulation: Performance Standards for the Discharge of Ballast Water For Vessels Operating In Cal Waters (Updated February 4, 2010)

Court Upholds New York State’s Tough Ballast Water Rules (February 2010)

USCG IMO e-Newsletter (January 2010)

IMO: Approvals of Ballast Water Management Systems that Make Use of Active Substances (September 2009)

OceanSaver announces Ballast Water Management System contract for large ships (January 2010)



Wisconsin DNR Announces Start of State Ballast Water Regulation of Great Lakes Ships (November 2009)

CSLC Technology Assessment Update (October 2009)

Coast Guard Considers New Rules to Regulate Ballast; Takes up Where Congress Left Off – Great Lakes Echo (October 2009)

Slimy-skinned Ships to Slip Smoothly Through the Seas (September 2009)

Bill Introduced to Implement Anti-Fouling Convention – Clean Hull Act of 2009 (H.R. 3618) (September 2009)

Proposed Ballast Water Discharge Standard Rulemaking White Paper, USCG (September 2009)

IMO News Issue 2 (2009)

U.S. Navy Developing Sustainable Biocide To Keep Barnacles At Bay – Green Diary (August 2009)

Funding Secured For World’s Only Fresh Water Ballast Treatment Facility (August 2009)

Research from San Francisco Bay: The Role of Containerships as Transfer Mechanisms of Marine Biofouling Species (July 2009)

Federal Prosecution for Ballast Water Violation (July 2009)

WWF Releases Report on The spread of marine invasive species via ships’ ballast water (July 2009)

Treating Ballast Water Could Fight Invasive Species : NPR (July 2009)

EPA Announces the Availability of the Vessels eNOI System (June 2009)

Washington Adopts New Ballast Water Rules (June 2009)

State of California Issues Proposed Rulemaking: Performance Standards for the Discharge of Ballast Water for Vessels Operating in California Waters (May 7, 2009)


EPA Issues Final Vessel General Permit, but court delays Implementation until February 6, 2009 (December 2008)

Marine Biofouling & Invasive Species: Guidelines for Prevention and Management (2008)

Environmental Standards Update, US Coast Guard (Fall 2008)

Ballast-free Cargo Ship Could Slow the Spread of Invasive Species

CRS Issues a Report on Regulating Ballast Water /Current Legislative Issues (August 28, 2008)

Deadline for the EPA Vessel General Permit Extended to December 19 (September 3, 2008)

Environmental Standards Update, US Coast Guard (July 2008)

EPA Proposes Vessel Discharge Permits (June 16, 2008)

RBT Signs Deal with Wilhelmsen Maritime Services on Ballast Water Treatment System (June 2008)

Clean Boating Act of 2008 (S. 2766) Introduced, Would Exempt Recreational Vessels from the Requirements of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (March 13, 2008)

Environmental Standards Update, US Coast Guard (February 2008)



NOAA & Smithsonian Say U.S. Waters Safer from Invasive Species if Ships Flush and Fill Ballast Water at Sea (September 24, 2007)

EPA Considers How to Develop Vessel Discharge Permit Program (June 2007)

Environmental Standards Update, US Coast Guard (April 2007)

Environmental Standards Update, US Coast Guard (February 2007)



Coast Guard Ballast Water Environmental Standards Update (November 2006)

Michigan’s New Ballast Water Regime: …States’ Rights, Federal Preemption, and International Commerce (October 2006)

Report on Ballast Water Management in Oregon (October 2006)

Court Vacates Federal Regulation Excluding Ballast Water Discharges from Clean Water Act (September 2006)

Canada Introduces New Mandatory Ballast Water Regulations (July, 14 2006)

California Announces New Ballast Water Management Regulations (March 23, 2006)



Invasive Species: Progress and Challenges in Preventing Introduction into U.S. Waters Via the Ballast Water in Ships; Testimony Before the United States House of Representatives by the Government Accountability Office (September 9, 2005)

2005 Workshop Report on Testing of Ballast Water Treatment Systems: General Guidelines and Step-wise Strategy Toward Shipboard Testing (June 14-16, 2005)

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