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Meeting Minutes

Watercraft Inspection Program Updates and Reviews

  • Alberta and British Columbia Overview (C. Sawchuk, M. Beck)

  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game (N. Zurfluh)

  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (R. Boatner)

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (A. Pleus)

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (S. Schmidt)

  • Action Plan—Endangered Species Act Compliance for Quagga/Zebra Mussel Response in the Columbia River Basin States (L. DeBruyckere)

  • Vulnerability and Habitat Suitability of Fort Peck Lake Recreation, Water, Water Supply, and Fish and Wildlife Features to Invasive Mussel Impacts (L. DeBruyckere)

  • Vulnerability Assessment Update in the Columbia River Basin (L. DeBruyckere)

  • The Northern Pike are Coming and You Should be Afraid (J. Maroney)

  • Upper Columbia Conservation Commission (K. Wilson)

  • Mussel Dogs (D. DeShon)

  • Model Quagga/Zebra Mussel Reciprocal Certification Program for Clear Lake and Neighboring Lakes in Northern California (L. DeBruyckere, R. Draheim, S. Showalter-Otts)

  • An Update on Flowering Rush Coordination in the Columbia River Basin (J. Bush)

  • WRDA/WRRDA/WIIN and National AIS Legislative Update (S. Phillips)

  • UMPS IV/ 2017 Wenatchee RR Exercise/2017 WRP (L. Elwell)

Water Body Monitoring in the Columbia River Basin States and Provinces
  • Alberta (R. Zurawell)

  • British Columbia (M. Beck)

  • Washington State University and US Geological Survey (S. Bollens, G. Rollwagen-Bollens, T. Counihan, B. Parker)

  • Bureau of Reclamation (D. Hosler)

  • Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (E. Hanson)

  • Idaho State Department of Agriculture (N. Zurfluh)

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (S. Schmidt)

  • Portland State University, Center for Lakes and Reservoirs (M. Sytsma)

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (A. Pleus)

Building Consensus (WRP) – Field and Lab Standards Workgroups
  • Field Standards – plankton (K Vargas)

  • Field Standards – substrates (E. Raney)

  • Lab Standards (S. Wells)

  • Risk assessment and water body monitoring analysis (T. Counihan)

  • eDNA (A. Sepulveda)

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