Meeting Minutes

Final Agenda

State and Provincial Watercraft Inspection Program Updates and Reviews​

Montana (T. Woolf)

British Columbia (M. Beck and A. Canuel)

Lake Powell Containment Updates (N. Owens)

Other Presentations

Management Perspectives and Lessons Learned (E. Raney)

USFWS Funding for Quagga/Zebra Mussel Action Plan in the Western United States (B. Shemai)

National Invasive Species Council Update (S. Burgiel)

Geofencing and Mobile Technologies for Watercraft (AIS Solutions)

Seaplane Inspection Committee (WRP)

PNW Region Seaplane Self-Certification (A. Anderson)

Lake Roosevelt Northern Pike Update (H. McLellan, S. Wolvert, A. Blake, J. Seibert, C. Lee, and T. Parsons)

Water Resources Development Act: Aquatic Invasive Species (M. Shutters, J. Crossland)

Safeguarding the West and other Invasive Species Updates (H. Smith, B. Horsburgh)

Invasive Species Management Can Benefit from eDNA (A. Sepulveda et al.)

Endangered Species Act Compliance for Dreissenid Mussel Response in the Columbia River Basin States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana (L. DeBruyckere, T. Thom)

Contaminated Dreissenid Watercraft Intercepted by State/Province, 2012-2018 (L.DeBruyckere)

Lake Tahoe Region Aquatic Invasive Species Action Agenda (L. DeBruyckere)

Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (A. Pleus, N. Dobroski)

Monitoring in the Columbia River Basin (R. Draheim)

Columbia River Basin Monitoring (T. Counihan)

Legislative Update (S. Phillips)

eDNA Monitoring Research (A. Sepulveda)

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