WIT Advanced Decontamination Announcement

​The Pacific States Marine Fisheries Commission and its 100th Meridian Initiative partners have been sponsoring Watercraft Inspection and Decontamination Trainings since 2006. 

Advanced and new technologies are ever evolving and it’s important that consistent decontamination methods are the standard across the West.


​Check back for possible dates in 2021 as this HAS to be an in-person "Hands-On" Training

​If you’d like to host a training, go to

​This training will cover:

  • Advanced skills and knowledge on various propulsion systems

  • Very complex watercraft systems and components

  • Triggers for decontamination

  • Effective flushing methods with attachment tools

  • Challenges with decontamination units and required specifications

  • Review and discussion of the standard protocols used in the field for decontaminations, including the UMPS III protocols and standards.


The UMPS III document, along with the Colorado Boat Compendium and the Tahoe Boat Book will be reviewed during the training, so it is important that you have the most recent information available.  


To Qualify:

  • Have previously completed WIT II training by a PSMFC certified instructor.

  • Receive AIS Coordinator recommendation for attendance.


To Register: Go to and Complete the registration survey.

Contact: “Quagga D” Davis if you have any questions!  (702) 236-3814