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Check back for possible dates in 2022 as this HAS to be an in-person "Hands-On" training. Advanced and new technologies are ever evolving and it’s important that consistent decontamination methods are the standard across the West.

​​Background Information

Advanced decontamination is a unique course offered to Level 3 Trainers and Level 2 WID professionals. This course is focused on safe and effective implementation of decontamination procedures for advanced systems, components, and very complex watercraft.


This team-based course is grounded in boat anatomy, form, and function. Participants ​should be prepared to

demonstrate knowledge and understanding of complex watercraft systems and components form and function; and to perform a full decontamination according to the approved WRP decontamination procedures included in the WID Manual.

The training will cover the following topics:

  • Reasons for Decontamination

  • Step-By-Step Decontamination Protocols and Procedures

  • Decontamination Practice and Demonstrated Knowledge of Boat Anatomy, Form, Function, and Decontamination

    • Advanced knowledge of propulsion systems.

    • Gained experience and knowledge of very complex watercraft systems and components.

    • Practice and understanding on how to effectively flush systems and components, methodology, and connecting attachment tools.

  • Decontamination Units

    • Recommended specifications for decontamination units.

    • Routine maintenance and standard operating procedures.

    • Trouble-shooting challenges during decontamination.

  • Decontamination of a very complex watercraft

    • If available, a mussel-fouled watercraft may be included.


Eligibility requirements include:

  • Have previously completed WID Level 2 or Level 3 training by a PSMFC certified instructor

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