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Live plants and animals are valuable teaching tools! However they can also become invasive species if they escape from the classroom. Take good care of classroom plants and animals AND become stewards of your local environment and community. Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Never release live plants or animals!

  • Learn about invasive species (build scientific skills to meet standards).

  • Volunteer to remove or prevent invaders (build stewardship and community connections).


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AQUARIUM TRADE PATHWAY ALERT:  Zebra mussels have been detected in numerous living “moss ball” products marketed for freshwater aquarium and water terrarium use. Sold online, as well as at aquarium and pet stores, under a variety of names, for example “Marimo Moss Balls” or “Betta Buddy Marimo Balls”, these naturally occurring velvety-green balls of algae (not an actual moss) may harbor invasive zebra mussels! 

​Decontamination And Disposal Guidance

PSMFC Invasive Species Alert [pdf]

Destroy! Don't Dump [USFWS]

PIJAC Guidance [pdf]

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