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Upcoming Virtual Classes


Registration is required. Please click on the dates of the class you wish to attend to register. Once registered, more information will be sent to you via email. There is no cost to attend.  


​​Background Information

The Level 2 class is intended for federal, tribal, state/province, and local agency employees, water managers, decision-makers, border/lake personnel, marina operators, concessioners, commercial boat transport operators, non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders. The Level 1 (inspection) and Level 2 (decontamination) combination classes include an overview of education and outreach, AIS biology and impacts, watercraft anatomy and function, inspection procedures, decontamination standards, and strategies for implementation.


The Level 1/Level 2 combination class is taught over three days in a virtual Zoom setting. Participants wishing to gain Level 1 certification in inspection will only attend the first two days. Individuals seeking level 2 certification in both inspection and decontamination must attend all three days of the online class. 


Individuals with a Level 2 (inspection and decontamination) certification should leave the training prepared to educate the public about AIS and perform both watercraft inspection and decontamination according to the national science-based standards and procedures.

Successful completion of the course will be based on demonstrated skills, knowledge, and attitude, along with a passing score of 70% or better on an electronic quiz at the end of the course. A digital certificate will be emailed to participants upon completion of the class.

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