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Virtual Training - October, 2021 (3 days) 8AM-NOON; Dates TBD

Virtual Training - November, 2021 (3 days) 8AM-NOON; Dates TBD

TO REGISTER: If you are interested in attending, please register online at the link provided above next to each class. Once you have registered, a logistics email will be sent with agenda, pre-work and, if applicable, travel/lunch information. Virtual training spans three half days, in-person training is two full days.


COST: Training is provided free of charge to attendees on a first-come, first-served basis.  In-person attendees are responsible for their own travel expenses. If you are attending an in-person training, lunch will be delivered; payment of $20 to cover refreshments and lunch due at check in/arrival.

Note: Level 2 Inspector and Decon Training includes the Level 1 training coursework as part of a longer course. If you are interested in Level 2 training you do not need to register for Level 1 training in addition to Level 2. 

​​Background Information

​​​Level 2 Inspector and Decontamination Training is designed for those individuals who are currently or will soon become active in setting-up or implementing watercraft inspection and decontamination programs for their respective agencies, organizations or businesses. 

Successful completion of the course will be based on demonstrated skills, knowledge and attitude. Certificates will be issued upon completion of training. Virtual training students will need 5 hours of hands-on inspection and decontamination in addition to demonstrating practical knowledge before receiving a certificate.

Sample Agenda 

Virtual Level 2 Watercraft Inspector and Decontamination Training Agenda

Note - times shown below are an example and may not reflect the agenda of the class you enroll in

Day 1 

8:45 Log into Zoom – Zooming 101 

9:00 Introductions 

9:30 PSMFC - WIT/WID Western States Training Program Overview 

9:45 CA Dept of Fish and Wildlife – AIS Program Overview 

10:00 AZ Game & Fish – AIS Program Overview 

10:30 AIS Program Review – Q & A 

10:45 BREAK 

11:00 Biology - Quagga and Zebra (QZM) and other AIS Species of Concern 

11:45 Biology Review - Q & A 

12:00 Adjourn (Based on completion) 

Day 2 

8:45 Log into Zoom 

9:00 Watercraft Anatomy – Systems and Components Review 

9:30 Name That Boat Game 

9:45 Watercraft Anatomy Review – Q & A 

10:00 BREAK 

10:15 Assessing Risk and Best Practices - Inspection 

11:00 Inspection Review – Q & A 

11:15 WID Data System 

11:30 Data System – Q & A 

12:00 Adjourn (Based on Completion) 

Day 3 

8:45 Log into Zoom 

9:00 Decontamination Procedures Review 

9:45 Pressure Washer Safety 

10:00 Decontamination Review – Q & A 

10:15 Break 

10:30 Chat Rooms 

Inspection Chat Room 

Practice Inspections with Scenarios 

Review Forms 

Triggers for HIGH Risk Watercrafts 

11:45 Final Questions, Prize Winners and Class Pic 

12:00 Adjourn 

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If you have any questions, or are interested in hosting a Level 2 Training session, please contact:

“Quagga D” Davis

(702) 236-3814