100th Meridian Initiative

The 100th Meridian Initiative is a cooperative effort between local, state, provincial, regional, tribal, and federal agencies to prevent the westward spread of zebra/quagga mussels and other aquatic nuisance species in North America. The Columbia River Basin Team is comprised of 100th Meridian Initiative partners primarily in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and British Columbia.

Columbia River Basin (CRB) Team

The next meeting of the 100th Meridian Initiative Columbia River Basin Team will January 22 and 23, 2020 at Embassy Suites in Portland airport. For registration and hotel information, go HERE.

Meeting Minutes from Past CRB Meetings


Meeting Minutes

Final Agenda

State and Provincial Watercraft Inspection Program Updates and Reviews​

Montana (T. Woolf)

British Columbia (M. Beck and A. Canuel)

Lake Powell Containment Updates (N. Owens)

Other Presentations

Management Perspectives and Lessons Learned (E. Raney)

USFWS Funding for Quagga/Zebra Mussel Action Plan in the Western United States (B. Shemai)

National Invasive Species Council Update (S. Burgiel)

Geofencing and Mobile Technologies for Watercraft (AIS Solutions)

Seaplane Inspection Committee (WRP)

PNW Region Seaplane Self-Certification (A. Anderson)

Lake Roosevelt Northern Pike Update (H. McLellan, S. Wolvert, A. Blake, J. Seibert, C. Lee, and T. Parsons)

Water Resources Development Act: Aquatic Invasive Species (M. Shutters, J. Crossland)

Safeguarding the West and other Invasive Species Updates (H. Smith, B. Horsburgh)

Invasive Species Management Can Benefit from eDNA (A. Sepulveda et al.)

Endangered Species Act Compliance for Dreissenid Mussel Response in the Columbia River Basin States of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana (L. DeBruyckere, T. Thom)

Contaminated Dreissenid Watercraft Intercepted by State/Province, 2012-2018 (L.DeBruyckere)

Lake Tahoe Region Aquatic Invasive Species Action Agenda (L. DeBruyckere)

Vessel Incidental Discharge Act (A. Pleus, N. Dobroski)

Monitoring in the Columbia River Basin (R. Draheim)

Columbia River Basin Monitoring (T. Counihan)

Legislative Update (S. Phillips)

eDNA Monitoring Research (A. Sepulveda)

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december 2018 boise, idaho

Meeting Minutes

Final Agenda

Monitoring Forum Work Session Agenda

State and Provincial Watercraft Inspection Program Updates and Reviews​

Other Presentations

JUNE 2018 portland, or

Meeting Minutes

State and Provincial Watercraft Inspection Program Updates and Reviews

Other Presentations

november 2017 portland, or

Meeting Minutes

Watercraft Inspection Program Updates and Reviews

  • Alberta and British Columbia Overview (C. Sawchuk, M. Beck)

  • Idaho Department of Fish and Game (N. Zurfluh)

  • Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (R. Boatner)

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (A. Pleus)

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (S. Schmidt)

  • Action Plan—Endangered Species Act Compliance for Quagga/Zebra Mussel Response in the Columbia River Basin States (L. DeBruyckere)

  • Vulnerability and Habitat Suitability of Fort Peck Lake Recreation, Water, Water Supply, and Fish and Wildlife Features to Invasive Mussel Impacts (L. DeBruyckere)

  • Vulnerability Assessment Update in the Columbia River Basin (L. DeBruyckere)

  • The Northern Pike are Coming and You Should be Afraid (J. Maroney)

  • Upper Columbia Conservation Commission (K. Wilson)

  • Mussel Dogs (D. DeShon)

  • Model Quagga/Zebra Mussel Reciprocal Certification Program for Clear Lake and Neighboring Lakes in Northern California (L. DeBruyckere, R. Draheim, S. Showalter-Otts)

  • An Update on Flowering Rush Coordination in the Columbia River Basin (J. Bush)

  • WRDA/WRRDA/WIIN and National AIS Legislative Update (S. Phillips)

  • UMPS IV/ 2017 Wenatchee RR Exercise/2017 WRP (L. Elwell)

Water Body Monitoring in the Columbia River Basin States and Provinces
  • Alberta (R. Zurawell)

  • British Columbia (M. Beck)

  • Washington State University and US Geological Survey (S. Bollens, G. Rollwagen-Bollens, T. Counihan, B. Parker)

  • Bureau of Reclamation (D. Hosler)

  • Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (E. Hanson)

  • Idaho State Department of Agriculture (N. Zurfluh)

  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (S. Schmidt)

  • Portland State University, Center for Lakes and Reservoirs (M. Sytsma)

  • Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (A. Pleus)

Building Consensus (WRP) – Field and Lab Standards Workgroups
  • Field Standards – plankton (K Vargas)

  • Field Standards – substrates (E. Raney)

  • Lab Standards (S. Wells)

  • Risk assessment and water body monitoring analysis (T. Counihan)

  • eDNA (A. Sepulveda)

june 2017 helena, mt

Meeting Minutes


december 2016, portland, or

Meeting Minutes

other meetings

State and Provincial Invasive Species Councils
Archived Missouri River Basin Team Information
Previous Meetings

Bill Zook's Lewis & Clark Evaluation Presentation

Other Groups

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