(Extracted from Hill and Tuckett 2018)
The escape of aquaculture products, both non-native and native, is a problem for the environment, aquaculture producers, and the aquaculture industry as a whole. Following introduction, some non-native species have spread into suitable habitat, become established, and caused environmental impacts. The United States and the Southeast in particular, have a large number of established aquatic non-native species. Some of these non-native species escaped from aquaculture. Native species also may escape culture into the surrounding environment. Escape of native species from culture is not without its risks, including potential genetic effects on local stocks. While relatively small in number, aquaculture escapees (whether native to a particular region or not) contribute to a mounting management concern. This management concern has led to new laws regulating aquaculture practices and the escape of non-native and native species. Ultimately, producers should be concerned about aquaculture escape because the potential for environmental harm and the possibility of additional regulations, including potential prohibitions by state and federal agencies.

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